G. Y. S. T.

If you want to scale your business, you’ve gotta Get Your Systems Together.


Quite simply if you try to scale before this life will be hell.

You will have all manner of headaches including

– tech issues

– customer service issues

– cash flow issues

– too much to do and not enough time

– important things will get forgotten

– team members and outsourcers will get things wrong and it won’t even be their fault
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s my 5 step action plan for transforming your business into a well oiled machine.

1. Take a step back and look at the core processes in your business
Some area to think about are
– content creation and syndication

– sales

– onboarding

– delivery

– customer service

– events

– webinars

– sales funnels
2. For each core area, ask yourself “what happens when?”.
This will walk you through your customer journey checking off the things you need to do.
So, what happens when?
– someone opts in

– someone buys

– someones card fails

– someone asks for a refund

– someone watches a webinar

– someone doesn’t watch a webinar

– someone asks for information

– someone schedules a call

– you record a video

– you write a blog post

– you decide to do an event

– you launch a product

– you invite a guest onto your podcast

Each of these things, you’ve probably been winging. You know pretty much what needs to be done and you’ve gone and done it.

That’s ok till you want to scale your biz, take on a team or add another project onto your plate.

When you work through “what happens when” you create a simple system for yourself and your team.

That gives you less things to be thinking about and in the next steps, I’ll show you how it gives you less to do.

3. Can these steps be outsourced, delegated or automated?

Even if you’re not quite ready to grow your team just yet, earmarking tasks for delegation is a good things to do.

It can help you get clear on exactly what you’ll need from a team member so when you’re ready to take the leap, you’ll have a good idea of what to hire for.

Automation done right can work wonders.

You can deliver key information to new clients, handle payment failures, segment your list and trigger certain things based on actions taken.

You can even set up tasks and notifications for yourself so that you have less you need to be remembering and keeping an eye on so you can work more efficiently. Great for combining automation with the personal touch.

Some of this stuff can be really complicated and there’s a lot that is possible.

This is why the previous step is so important. Before you dive into using tools, you need to be clear on what is supposed to happen so that you can simplify the whole thing.

If you need help with that. Let me know.

4. What tools do you need to make this work?

Whether it’s a manual job or something automated, there’s all manner of tools at different price ranges to help you get shit done.

Top tips with tools:

– Spend just enough to get the job done. Bells and whistles are great IF you’re going to be using them.

– Forget new shiny tools. They can be unstable, go bust or get neglected by the creator. Solid and proven is where it’s at.

– Check the integrations. If everything connects directly you’re laughing. Problems come when you have to build a frankensystem passing information between lots of different platforms to get the results.

– Less pieces of the puzzle there are, the less that can go wrong.

5. Take action and get help where needed

Fifth and final step is to take action and get help where needed. There’s a lot you can do for yourself but sometimes you’re going to want to get help.

It could be getting a designer to sort you some templates, a techie to do a bit of set-up work for you or simply asking people for advice on getting things working.

Don’t be shy and don’t leave yourself wasting time, losing money and giving yourself big fat headaches trying to do everything yourself.

So that’s that.

Any questions, whack em in the comments below and I’ll be popping through regularly.

If you do want more help with this, feel free to PM me.