Do You Really Get Out What You Put In?

I saw this image and it got me thinking…

It says you get back what you put in.

No, you don’t.

Your effort doesn’t dictate your income.


People out there like nurses and waitresses put in plenty of effort but that’s not reflected in their income.

Your value to others dictates your income.

That’s why you can buy a dress for £20 and a similar one for £200.

The dress is just a dress but different value is attached to each one.

Some will think it’s crazy to spend £200 on just a dress.

Others wouldn’t trust the quality of a £20 dress and would pick the £200 one every time.

The effort & expense going into making the dress could be pretty much the same.

The return on investment however is wildly different purely because of perceived value.

Effort with little value leaves you burning yourself out just trying to get by.

Focusing on value first allows you to choose whether you want to put the effort in to get by, get ahead or get incredible results.


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Lianne-Carla Savage

Combining marketing wizardry and epic project management, Lianne supports action-taking entrepreneurs as they build their empires by providing practical organisational support so that they can get on with what they do best.

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