Option 1: 1hr consultation call.

What we can do in one hour is:

  • Break down the core elements of your business
  • Create simple systems that you can manage with ease
  • Identify any bottlenecks in your business and find ways to remove them

Option 2: 3hr call (or in person in Devon/Cornwall)

What we can do across 3 hours is:

  • Take a deep dive into building systems and processes for your business which, once in place, will enable you to scale.
  • Create a customer journey map to identify “what happens when” so you can deliver more efficiently, maximise customer happiness, improve retention and build in opportunities for more sales.
  • Get clear on the tools you need and the tools you don’t so that you have the right tools to do what you want with minimal headaches and minimal expense.
  • Identify opportunities for automation and outsourcing so that you focus your limited time and headspace on the things most important.