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Hi, Lianne here!

At the risk of making a terrible first impression. I have to admit, I messed up.

I was that dumb "Motherf**ker alway's trying to ice-skate uphill" (Bonus points if you know the film)

It took a good talking to from a certain Mr Meredith to finally see what now seems so obvious.

I'll come back to that later. First, let's talk about you...


Plenty of other folks out there believe in fairy tales.

"Once upon a time there was a millennial who decided one day to be an entrepreneur. After investing in a few WSO's he put up his first landing page.

A rush of traffic flooded his website.

His list grew and he made sales overnight.

And he lived happily ever after earning 6-figures from the beach without lifting a finger."

Thankfully, you aren't one of them.

You've actually built a real business.

You put the sweat and tears in and developed your brand through relentless effort and consistent action.

From the outside - you make it look easy.

The truth is, you know exactly how much work it's taken to get here.

Most importantly. You know it's going to take a whole lot more to get to where you're going.

Let's face it.

Working 4hrs a week and sitting on your backside the rest of the time would drive you crazy!

You're happiest when you have a new project to work on, a problem to solve or under pressure.

That's the entrepreneurial personality for you.

It's in your nature AND it's the magic ingredient that lets you bash out killer content, implement like crazy and put ideas to market at lightening speed.

It's worked out pretty good for you - till now.

You're an action taker who knows the impact of speed when it comes to getting your ideas out into the world and making money off them.

You've built a thriving community of fans and customers who love what you do and are eager for more.

When it comes to creating content, you've got it nailed.

You're doing more and more all the time and you can feel the pressure mounting.

You tell yourself it's ok. You live for pressure.

Problem is, it's getting heavier.

It's weighing you down.

It's killing your speed.

Balls are going to get dropped and you hate that thought.

Delivering value is everything to you.

You can't let people down.

So, you push on regardless.

Hours and hours in front of your screen.

You couldn't switch off if you tried.

Dating and relationships are put on the back burner.

Hard enough as it is to meet people, let alone to find someone who "get's it".

If you are in a relationship, even though you're bringing money in, it's still tough.

They don't understand you can't switch off the same way you can with a 9-5 job and they definitely don't get why you need to spend so much time in-front of the screen.

You know it's only going to get more intense down the line and you're wondering how other people keep it all together.
Because they totally have.

All the fun and freedom and the 24hr hustle a la Gary Vee.

It's easy for them whilst you're maxing yourself out.

Let me let you in on a's not easy for them.

They're just out there maintaining their image and staying on brand.

One day they're going to crack. Unless, they discover what you're about to discover.

And, just like my big realisation I mentioned at the will all seem so obvious once you hear it.

Speaking of which. I've yet to tell you my big mistake.

I tried to be you.

I tried to be the personality, with the brand, building up a community and getting everything fired up.

Because that's what you're supposed to do.

Only problem is, I'm totally the wrong person for that.

So it became this long hard slog.

Stopping. Starting. Chopping. Changing.

Never really getting anywhere despite having all the smarts and being able to help others get ahead.

Whilst I'm no natural people person, I rock when it comes to keeping track of things and being useful.

Something I'd fallen into doing a lot in Dan Meredith's groups (Coffee with Dan & Espresso with Dan). 

So when Dan said "You don't even realise what you do when you do it and it's so valuable to people like me" it was the slap round the face I needed to see what was right in front of me.

I'm not supposed to be a ringleader.

I'm a problem solver. An organiser. Someone who loves doing the things you hate.

The kind of person you need at your side if you're going to push forward the mountain of projects and ideas swirling round your head.

So, I shifted my focus to providing practical support so that people like you can get focused, relieve the strain and achieve your ambitious goals.

I now work with a select few entrepreneurs directly combining marketing wizardry with epic project management.

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